Careful ! Deleted photos are still in your camera

A camera in your device is in many ways the same as a pen drive or any storage device. It has an own internal file system which containing its files and folders etc. When you delete/remove your photos in your camera in your device, only the names of the files are actually deleted/removed. The photos themselves remain intact until you take new photos which will then gradually replace the old ones this is how the storage system works. So if you look inside your camera in your device in the right way, you may find photos you thought were gone and this can be achieved by using undelete software specially adapted for cameras in your device or any camera device. A good choice could be the free version of
DeleteFIX Photo

  DeleteFIX Photo . Installing and testing it with your camera should take no more than five minutes. Aren’t you curious?

Download by Clicking on below images:

Crystal Ball: Will give you all answers. ( Magic Trick: )

Close Bubble : This will give you all answer whatever you asks.

You can make this trick on other and get the impression. This close bubble will give you answer as you decide. How :-

  1.  Go to Close Bubble (
  2.  There are two text boxes, first one asks you to enter a static sentence "Bubble, please speak up." every time and second box asks you to type your question what you want to ask to Close Bubble.
  3.  Click on "Ask" , It will give you answer.

Trick:-  Before asking anything you already set the answer by secretly entering in first box (Bubble, please speak up.) Just start typing by pressing dot (.) it won't show dot. Instead, it will show "B".
now, continue to type your answer and to terminate the answer, again press dot (.) and complete the string. 
Then ask anything in second text box. and click on ask. 
You will see your answer which you typed between two dots(.) 

for example :

In first box if you entered below -
 .Dog.el, please speak up. 

but in screen you will see -
Bubble, please speak up.

and type your question and click on ask like -
Question: Which animal is going to bit you today?
Answer: Dog

Enjoy with this fun.

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